Jan 30

Can anyone card me some Gamebattle Credits? Willing to Pay Hmu!

Lmk hmu on skype: gbmuslim

or Pm, only buying off trusted people. Gratte

Jan 30

Dossing Servers

Will be providing dossing services and its £2 per hour of boot of time, you can pay with paypal or pay with steam wallet code or CSGO Skins.

add me skype whirlwind.gaming
Or send me a message to hdwhirlwindads@gmail.com

Jan 30

Clash of Clans account | TH8 | Lvl 61

don’t really play anymore so just trying to get rid of it.

Jan 30


I need dutch slaves ASAP. please contact me if you have any for sale.

Skype: epic.legendz
Jabber: epic_legendz@jabber.se

Jan 30

Cheapest possible non-smartphone for business?

I work as a freelance PC builder/service man and I need a secondary phone, and I’ve been trying to find a non-smartphone phone to serve me. Now, I need something cheap with a durable battery. No camera, microsd, or anything is needed. Just a phone with a charge port lol.

I will get Xiaomi’s $65 smartphone once its out, but I don’t know for sure when its coming and I need something in the mean time.

SOOO what would you fellas get?

Jan 30

E-whore paypal

Basically I logged onto my e-whoring paypal with my VPN and I got a message with my number saying: PayPal will call you, or something like that, I can’t acces my account without confirming that they can call me.

Is my account limited? What do I do? I can’t let them call me as I’m using a female name on paypal… Whistle

Jan 30


Modified knockback?? Is it possible to code a feature that allows you to take less vertical knockback so that you are not comboed and no cheat doesn’t pick it up??
I’ll post a video of a player using this later ;)

Jan 30

Does someone have this script

Link: http://goo.gl/yLReyj
If you have PM me or post here.

Jan 30

Account Security

Hello guys.
This is my first programm in vb.net.Biggrin
Please give me a feedback!

Sorry for my bad english, im from austria BlinkBiggrinBiggrinBiggrin

Download: mediafire.com/download/w8j9c7csb85wuyv/Account_Security.exe

Virustotal: virustotal.com/en/file/de277b02d1bd0b60fb7b5db1d1dfb38af03de65817d502e03ad5074622262f08/analysis/1422647971/

Jan 30

Fuck my life…..

Soo, i am a student and i currently have no money due to me being a stupid prick and spending my money on clothes thinking that my paycheck will come up today (friday) but apparently its going to be here on monday Bebe-pleureBebe-pleure
I have no food in my fridge and only like £5 in my bank account.
Anyone nice enough to buy me a pizza? GratteGratte

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