Dec 28

What are some good vps’s to buy for ddos?

I was wondering what a good vps is with unlimted bandwidth and a good port speed atleast 1gps
can anyone link me to some good sites

Dec 28

IPhone 4 Unlock?

So I live outside the US and I just got a iPhone from my bro as a gift and its a US phone locked to AT & T how do I unlock it to work with my country Sim card?Black Hat

Dec 28

EXACTLY 30 Facebook photo likes.

exactly exactly. can pay $3 btc or something just let me know! ONLY 30. nothing more/less. ty

Dec 28

Phone SMS Verification [$1 Paypal]

Need a phone number that can receive 827-222 text (Uber) and reply GO.

$1 PayPal

Dec 28

MSDN Invites – Microsoft Keys & $150 Azure Credit per month

Status : Available for sales $40/each invite

If you have any questions, feel free to post in thread.
You can get legit keys for Windows 7,8 or almost any microsoft product such as Office 2013, Visio etc.

Plus you get a windows azure subscription which gives you 200$ credit for first month and you will receive 100$ credit each month which you can use to build VPS etc!

Accept BTC / Paypal (ub3r only for paypal)

BTC: 13KkprhivE5kfcYBThndw9yMaMAyXJKtBq

Running a bit low on copies atm, got 4 currently and more arriving in a few days, due to the limited amount I cannot currently offer a vouch.

PM me for paypal email if you’re an ub3r. If you buy with BTC just PM me that youve bought and I’ll get you set up

Dec 28

Alright fuck this…

I wanna start e-whoring again. What the fuck is this double dip / tripple dipping shit? I used to e-whore a long fucking time ago, but I just did it to rat pedos. Now I wanna make agc. Anyone can PM me some pic packs and how to get started with a recent guide from 2014?

Dec 28

[$1000] Wanting Item Duplication Method In Online Game

Willing to pay $1000 to anyone successful in finding an item duplication method in an online game.

Online game in question:

This is a serious request so please do not waste my time.
Payment will be paid via Paypal / BTC. I can provide proof of funds if uncertain.
PM me for more details if necessary.

Dec 28

Having bad vision

I have had perfect 20/20 vision since I was born. Up until a few weeks ago (I’m 16 turning 17 soon) where I woke up and all of a sudden I have near sightedness where I can’t see some words I was able to see from the same distance. This problem really annoys me now as if I walk in a mall lets say, all faces are semi blurry.

One thing I’m wondering is, should I take Lasik surgery or is there some way for me to have my vision back some how..

Feedback appreciated as always.

Dec 28

How do I contanct an admin?

Yeah title is pretty self explanatory, just wondering if you guys know any forum administrator I could contact, thank you.

Dec 28

Xperia Z2

I didn’t want to waste $700 on a z3 and I sure as hell didn’t want to wait another 3 months for the z4 so I just went ahead and bought the z2….all I have to say is that this thing is gonna last me a loooong time and i’m loving it like crazy. The screen is so bright, the phone itself looks so sexy, the UI is incredible and the performance is top-notch. It runs SD801 which IMO is all you need (I don’t care about future proofing, i’ll just buy another in 2 years). The phone packs a long lasting 3200 mAh battery which beats most of the flagship phones of the year…including the iPhone 5S and 6. All I have to say is that if you want a decent phone for a simple price (I got mine for $450), z2 is what you need.

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