Jan 26

Stat IG for Sell

I have a 20k instagram account “Textpost” for sale.
offer me
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Jan 26

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Jan 26

Java Drive by

Does java drive by works again?! I heard its not working cuz of the new Java version

Jan 26

Xbox One $100 Off Code

Have one. Not going to use it and I’d like to see it go to use rather than just waste.

Looking to trade this for a $10 Xbox code. Open to other digital trades as well.

Jan 26

Twitter Handle

Would the handle “Crispers” be worth anything?

Jan 26

Ahri AD Runes vs Yasuo

Hey guys,

I just accidentally put my AD/As rune page as Ahri against Yasuo and had go through that game.

Guess what happened… I never stomped a Yasuo so hard by constantly aa’ing him and completely dominated the lane. He couldn’t farm even under his own turret.

Now… I didn’t mention this to be judged. As you know, it was an accident. All I want to say is that it could be an interesting choice to replace magic pen with AD if you play against a melee champ as an AP mid laner. I believe it worked particularly well with Ahri since she’s has one of the best aa animations in the game for mid lane.

Edit: Elo: High Gold, Low Platinum

Jan 26

Looking for seo service

Please let me know your price if you can do this, i need this for a few words.

Jan 26

Professional Youtube channel art $30

I am looking for someone to design channel art for my channel i am currently playing and recording bioshock infinite alot and DayZ.
my youtube channel
Would appriciate all the time people go through making a banner

Jan 26

Free ip stressers?

Are there any 100% free ip stressers that work full time and if not are there any accounts/passwords that you might be able to give?
Thanks :D

Jan 26

Aluminum foil pipe

Is it safe if you make a homemade pipe out of aluminum foil and only use it for 1 session? I have done this around a hundred times and wondering if it has been bad for me or not.

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