Jan 31

Please help

Ever scene WoD came out i have been lacking gold does anyone know where to farm gold at now?

Jan 31

Buying $75 BTC with PP

Buying $75 BTC with PP.

PM me with your rate!


Jan 31


Guys, I need a server that can do exactly this. I don’t know like anything about this, but it looks like these prices are very high. I’m sure someone on here has something like this for cheaper.

The site I’m looking at is: http://www.sneakerserver.com

All I need it to do is run a simple program, along with surf Google Chrome. Also, accessing from my phone would be prime, too. If anyone can help me, I will be grateful back.


Jan 31


Are these Snapchat worth anything?


Thanks Guys

Jan 31

How to Chargeback/scam people on paypal?

Looking to chargeback people on steam. but don’t know how. anyone know?

Jan 31

Can someone link me to this dox guide.

Hey guys , there was a Dox Guide someone on this forum is selling for 10$.

I cleared my history on my browser so I can’t find or remember it : /..

Someone link me or anyone know?

Jan 31

Free csgo boost for low-mid ranked players.

Hi, I am an legit supreme player from Norway.
I will only boost EU based players, I am currently smurfing from an unranked account, PM me if intressted.

Jan 31

What do you think it is?


It is a

Jan 31

Lenovo sent me two laptops.

I ordered a Lenovo y40 for $754 total.
Radeon M275
256 GB SSD

When they shipped it with UPS, alot of strange things happened with the tracking number where certain statuses says the package is getting prepared to ship back to the seller. This morning, the tracking number said something like “In Transit back to Seller”.

I got really bummed out and immediately called Lenovo to not get much info from the support.

It was around 4 when my doorbell rang, and to my surprise…

It wasn’t til I saw that they sent me two by accident that I realized why they attempted to get it returned.

I thank UPS for mailing them both out to me.

Planning to sell the other one, complete with the original packaging on eBay or something.

Jan 31

2x 30 Day Access | PhantomCrypter | All Members | $30 Value!

[Image: Fa5ANu0.gif]

Hey guys, since PhantomCrypter is under new management, I figure’d I’d give out a few 30 day copies of it. It isn’t much but I plan on doing a lot more in the future!

How to Enter:
Make sure the “Enable in existing posts” option is selected and also remember you must wear the signature the entire 30 days from when you post on this thread
[Image: 0OvVFqB.png]

Your post count will be your number for the entry.

Code for Upgraded


Code for Non-Upgraded

[size=x-large][b][color=#FFD700]Phantom[/color][color=black]Crypter[/color][/b] | FUD | EOF | USG | AutoBuy | Full Support[/size]

I will be drawing the winner on March 1 using random.org going off of post numbers. Good luck to everyone who enters!

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