Dec 26

XAMPP Apache Threadsperchild crash [Paying]

Hi, one of my websites are currently being attacked. Unfortunately I don’t know how to fix this issue myself, and am looking for help. I’m willing to pay $10/whatever is a reasonable price for assistance. Thanks.

I couldn’t find a better place to post this or any rules against posting in this section for this type of query, if this shouldn’t be here my apologies.

Dec 26

EASY MONEY!!>WORK FROM HOME< 500$ WEEKLY!!![Christmas Discount]

[Image: 52pOzO.jpg]


(Yesterday 02:49 AM)crossera Wrote: Now there are 3 methods.
First method – most people on this forum are aware of it and I would say it’s not that whitehat (Yet it’s not illegal as well).
The other 2 methods are maybe unique as I see them for first time. They are quite nice :)
You can earn with this eBook quite a lot of money. I must say that for the second and third method that requires some medium/hard work. As for the first one you can easily earn money, yet you might find it immoral :)

After All – yes you can earn with it !

(Yesterday 08:16 AM)mr.Qaron Wrote: Here’s my Official and Honest Review

I am in now way affiliated with SOlister

Basically, there are 3 Ebooks, 3.4, 4.0 and a Bonus Ebook

In General :
For the Grammar : 10/10
It’s very easy to understand, very detailed and easy to apply for beginners and didn’t notice any mistake with the instructions.

Content of Ebook 3.4 Version : 8/10
Instructions are detailed, with alot of Screenshot how to do it properly.
Though many methods are already placed here BUT
he got one method which made it unique and never thought of that one.

Content of Ebook 4.0 Version : 10/10
Same as above, It’s very detailed and have screenshots, But what’s interesting is that the method here is very unique.
Never seen anything like and very brilliant.
Probably, you’ll workout just about 1 hour then wait for the result then rinse and repeat. When you have ….. (can’t mention his method) it’s completely autopilot and money will pour into your account

Content of Bonus Ebook (Contains 3 Methods) :
1st Method on this ebook - Semi Auto Pilot (9/10)
You’ll really spend time on it, then it’s completely autopilot, I believe.
If you work, then you will see great results on it.

2nd method on this Ebook - Semi Auto Pilot (9/10)
Spend like 30 minutes to 1 hour of your time a day. Cash will be good (though I personally don’t like this method)

3rd method on this Ebook – Semi Auto Pilot (10/10)
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Thank you for giving me a vouch copy of this. I’ll start to apply the 4.0 Method you have included since it’s very unique and will update this for my earnings later.
Goodluck with the sales mate!

(Yesterday 09:25 PM)DamienVC Wrote: Damien’s Official Review

Grammar: 10/10
I wasn’t able to find a single grammar mistake within the eBook. It was properly written and it gives an elaborate explanation about the topic.

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Dec 26

3P1C Upgrade | $15 | 12,6k OMC | Giveaway [Winner will be choosen in a hour!]

All you have to do is post to enter, your post number is your ticket and the winner will be choosen in a hour.
The winner will receive 12,6k OMC which is around $15 and enough for a 3P1C Upgrade.
If you already are upgraded to 3P1C you are not allowed to participate.

What you need:

  • Have a OMC wallet
  • Know how to use OMC

If you don’t know how to use and won the giveaway I will re-draw so make sure you got everything ready!

Dec 26

Nvidea Quadro

Hello HF

I have a laptop with this GPU NVIDIA Quadro K610M.
I tried to find some other guides on my GPU but I didn’t really find any.
Any suggestions on how far I can overclock this.
I never really overclocked anything before.


Dec 26

[WTS] KEYS – $1.6 EACH – BTC ONLY – STOCK: 200+

Hi, I am selling 200+ keys for $1.6 each key. BTC ONLY. We can use Package as a middleman if you don’t trust me.

PM me if you are interested. Selling any amount for $1.6/key.

Dec 26

Assassins Creed Black Flag/Unity Deal

[Image: Assasin.jpg]


Pretty good deal if anyone is interested in this. Ordered it myself even though I’m not much of an Assassins Creed guy. But Unity looked cool, so why not? :)

Dec 26

Why can’t I post in Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics?

Just wondering guys? I see a lot of interesting threads that I want to participate in but can’t, its saying I don’t have permission or something..

Dec 26

1 guy from South Korea makes the difference

1 guy from South Korea spends more money on porn then all men in Bangladesh.

1 click on domain parking can be 0.01$ or even less but there where few clicks worth 20,000+ $

The point of this thread is:

1. We don’t know how much money you can make online
2. We don’t know how to monetize your FB friends, Twitter/Instagram followers.
3. We don’t know how much money you can make with your website
4. We don’t know if CPA will work for your traffic.

unless you tell us.
There’s no output without input.

PLEASE, provide us with as much input as possible. That’s only way we can somewhat help you.

Tell us what you can do, what you have experience with. Tell us in what you’ve failed so far.
Tell us your FB/Twitter, Instagram … accounts Tell us about your traffic – country, achieved CTR to certain links …, if they are real with high user engagement by offering HQ content or you got them by purchase or by misleading people to like your page.

Thank you.

When you provide us with “real situation” we can find “real solution”. And we want talk in “general layer” without being able to dip deep into issue.

(Korean part of story)

Dec 26

How To Take Care of Your Smartphone Battery the Right Way

Quote:Your smartphone is a minor miracle, a pocket-sized computer that can fulfill almost every whim. But none of its superpowers matter a bit if it runs out of juice. With removable batteries becoming more and more rare, you’ve got to take good care of the one you got. Fortunately, it’s not to hard keep the lithium-ion powering your everything-machine happy if you follow a few simple rules.

Obviously, the first rule for extending your battery life is not using up all your battery life playing Candy Crush and walking around with Wi-Fi and GPS enabled when you’re not using either and really, really need your phone to last that extra hour. But aside from that, there are some basic rules for care and charging, and they’re the simplest baseline for a healthy battery.

Top it off

You may vaguely recall hearing something about rechargeable batteries and the “memory effect.” You know, that if you don’t “teach” your rechargeable batteries their full potential by taking them from totally full to totally empty, they’ll “forget” part of their capacity. Well forget all that. Right now. It does not apply to your phone.

Battery memory is a real thing, but it applies to nickel-based batteries; your trusty sidekick (literal Sidekick or otherwise) doubtlessly has a lithium-ion battery, and it needs to be treated a little differently. Specifically, it should be topped off whenever you get the chance.

To get the most out of a lithium-ion battery, you should try to keep it north of 50 percent as much as possible. For the most part, going from all the way full to all the way empty won’t help; in fact, it’ll do a little damage if you do it too often. That said, it’s smart to do one full discharge about once a month for “calibration,” but don’t do it all the time. Running the whole gamut on a regular basis won’t make your battery explode or anything, but it will shorten its lifespan.

But! You don’t want to have battery charging constantly either; lithium-ion batteries can get overheated. Luckily for you, your charger is smart enough to help with this, and will cut your phone off for a spell once it’s full. And to complicate matters a even further, your battery doesn’t particularly like being all the way full either. In fact, your battery will behave the best if you take it off the charge before it hits 100 percent, and leaving it plugged when it’s already full is going to cause a little degradation.

So if you’re really particular about optimizing your battery’s life, you should try to go from around 40 percent to around 80 percent in one go, and then back down whenever possible. A bunch of tiny charges throughout the day is your second best bet, and going from zero to 100 and then 100 to zero on a regular basis will put the most strain on your lithium-ion battery.

Keep it cool

It’s easy to worry about bad charging habits thanks to the training we’ve had from old rechargeable batteries, but lithium-ion batteries have a worse enemy than sub-optimal charging: Heat. Your smartphone’s battery will degrade much, much faster when it’s hot, regardless of whether it’s being used or just sitting around doing nothing.

At an average temperature of 32 degrees fahrenheit, a lithium-ion battery will lose six percent of its maximum capacity per year. At 77 degrees, that number jumps to 20 percent, and at 104 degrees it’s a whopping 35. Sure, it’s not exactly practical (or sane) to keep your phone in the fridge, but it’s worth going out of your way to prevent long stays in hot cars and the like.

Avoid wireless charging

Wireless charging can be incredibly convenient if your phone can do it, but it’s not without its disadvantages. The inductive, wireless chargers out there today have this nasty habit of generating a fair bit of waste heat. And while wasted energy is just a bummer in general, that heat will also toast your battery in the process. That’s no bueno. It’s a little less convenient, but standard plug-in charging is going to keep your battery in better shape, especially if you’re some place warm to begin with.

Never go to zero

If you’re going to be shelving any lithium-ion battery for a long time, try to leave it with at least 40 percent battery power to tide it over. Lithium-ion batteries don’t hemorrhage power when their not in use, but they’ll lose maybe five to ten percent of their charge each month.

And when lithium-ion batteries get too low—like, literally zero percent—they get seriously unstable, and dangerous to charge. To prevent explosion-type disasters when you go to charge one that’s been sitting around for a month or two, lithium-ion batteries have built-in self-destruct circuits that will disable (read: destroy) the battery for good, if it reaches rock bottom. And sure, that’ll save you from a face full of battery-acid, but it’ll also leave you short one battery.

Don’t sweat it too much

It’s easy to get protective of your battery, but it’s also easy to get lazy. And that’s fine, because as long as you’re not a complete idiot, you’ll be OK. Typically, a lithium-ion battery lasts for three to five years, and chances are you’re going to want to swap out your gadgets sometime in that window anyway. The slight damage of a technically bad idea like leaving your phone plugged in all night every night, or using wireless charging, might be worth the convenience.

Still, it’s pretty easy to keep your battery reasonably healthy just by avoiding particularly egregious torture like letting your phone discharge from full to zero every single day, or leaving it in a hot car all the time. And the next time you make it back home with power to spare, you’ll thank yourself for it.


Dec 26

[help] reobfuscate with java 8 not working


So I guess MCP doesn’t support the latest versions of Java out the box? In runtime/ I got tracebacks since I was not able to compile my java 8 classes. No big deal, I just added ‘-target and -source’ to make it work. When I try to get changed source or reobfuscate, however, it doesn’t work. Does anyone have a solution? I don’t want to have to distribute my client to friends by giving them the whole jar. Thanks to any help!

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